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Innovation in the chemical industry with HC Eppich


HC Eppich is the Business Development Director for Sopheon. He speaks to businesses across various industries about achieving more significant revenues with new business and future-proofing current portfolios. He was previously the CEO of Beratung für erfolgreiches Scheitern, a Senior Account Executive and Team Lead for Planview, and the Senior Account Executive and Chairman of Manufacturing Solutions for Cordys Deutschland AG. He has an engineering degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. HC joins me today to discuss innovation in the chemical industry. He reveals the significant position chemical companies hold in the German economy and their scope, from specialty to bulk chemicals. He shares the strategies of family-run businesses and reveals the fascinating role of smart intelligence in agriculture and farming and how this can reduce herbicide use by 70%. HC shares how droughts have disrupted the distribution channel and the lengths chemical companies go to solve issues. He shares how chemical manufacturers are collaborating on joint ventures with startups to stimulate innovation. HC also shares how it is taking too long for ideas to get into development funnels.

"The number one priority regarding chemicals is to become more energy-efficient and carbon neutral." - HC Eppich


This week on Innovation Talks:
  • The critical role and scope of chemicals and their significance in Germany's industry and economy
  • The top-down and long-term strategies of family-owned chemicals businesses
  • The value for EU businesses being CO2 neutral and how this is stimulating new products and technologies that improve sustainability and reduce costs
  • Where chemical production and manufacturing is taking place and the digitization of processes
  • The need for new solutions to decarbonize companies' ecosystem, including chemical suppliers
  • Why chemical companies have incubation programs and fund startups to feed the innovation pipeline
  • How AI, IoT, and 5G will drive new solutions
  • The difficulties involved with getting ideas into the development funnel
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