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Innovation Accounting and Corporate Startups with Dan Toma


Dan Toma is an author and innovations expert as well as the Co-founder of Outcome, an innovation consultancy focused on supercharging leadership and corporate innovation performance. He wrote The Corporate Startup, a practical guide for companies that want to sustain innovation capabilities, and Innovation Accounting, a book that helps companies track the critical metrics associated with growth and innovation. Dan also holds a dual Master of Business Administration degree from Bradford University and TiasNimbas Business School. Dan joins me today to discuss how large organizations can grow through innovation and how they can track whether their innovations are effective. He shares how he stumbled upon the innovation industry and how the hiring process used to work. He explains the importance of innovating for relevancy and marketing. Dan also describes the benefits of installing an ecosystem for your business.

"The organizations doing innovations the best are the ones that talk less about it." - Dan Toma


This week on Innovation Talks:
  • How Dan got started in innovation
  • The complexities of the hiring process
  • The purpose of a CV in the job-hunting industry
  • Why companies need startup-like thinking and innovations
  • Understanding whether an innovation is working for your company
  • The purpose of metrics in innovations
  • The benefits of having an ecosystem in place
  • Dan's advice for those who want to propose innovation, but are not getting support from their leaders
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