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GTM processes and product launches with Derek Osgood


Derek Osgood is the Founder and CEO of Ignition, the first dedicated go-to-market (GTM) platform built for product marketing and product teams. Their services centralize launch plans, assets, and executions that make launches easier to manage. Derek has over a decade of experience working with the industry's biggest names, including a role as Sony’s Product Manager for the PlayStation. He specializes in GTM, segmentation, user acquisition and engagement, and digital performance marketing. Derek joins me today to discuss what happens during a product launch and how Ignition makes it easier for launches to succeed. He shares his experience working with Sony’s PlayStation and describes some of the biggest challenges when launching a product. He explains why some launches fail and why that can dictate the long-term success of a product. Derek also details how the internet changed the way industries advertise and launch products.

"80% of CMOs say the launch window is make or break for the long-term success of the product." - Derek Osgood


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • The services Ignition offers to their customers
  • Derek's experience working in the gaming industry
  • Challenges associated with the launch period
  • The stakeholders involved in a launch
  • Why launch plans can sometimes fail
  • How companies prepare to guarantee success at launch
  • How the internet disrupted the way industries advertise
  • Defining "playbook" from the perspective of a launching platform
  • Derek’s most significant piece of advice
  • Why product teams don't like committing to exact dates
  • What's in the pipeline for Derek and the team
Connect with Derek Osgood:

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