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Corporate Start Ups and the Importance of Entrepreneurial Thinking


Sean Ammirati is a distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School of Business. But teaching is only one of the many hats Sean wears in his professional career. He is the Co-Founder and Director of the Carnegie Mellon Corporate Startup Lab, sits on the Board of a venture capitalist investment fund, and delivers keynotes and workshops for startups and global brands. Sean is also a published author, having published his first book: The Science of Growth: How Facebook Beat Friendster - and How Nine Other Startups Left the Rest in the Dust in April 2016 which explains why some innovative ideas scale to change the world while others remain as just a good idea. Sean earned his Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems from Grove City College and completed his research fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science & Organizational Behavior. Sean joins me today to discuss the importance of encouraging and embracing the entrepreneurial culture and thinking within your organization. We discuss the differences between entrepreneurs and startups, the different types of entrepreneurial ventures, and why startup entrepreneurship is truly the only type that moves the needle for large corporations. We discuss the differences between how raising venture capital works compared to raising funds for corporate entrepreneurship projects. We also highlight the importance of creating high-quality pitch decks, how Carnegie Mellon's Corporate Startup Lab helps large organizations embrace entrepreneurship within their organizations, and the industries that are most ripe for transformational innovation.

"There are a lot of problems that the world needs solved. Think about the ways you can be part of that solution by helping your company be more entrepreneurial." - Sean Ammirati


This week on Innovation Talks:
  • What prompted Sean to write his book, The Science of Growth
  • The definition of product market fit
  • How to maintain the spirit of a startup as a large corporate company
  • The difference between entrepreneurship and startups
  • Why startup entrepreneurship is the only type that moves the needle for large corporations
  • Sean's concerns with entrepreneurship education today
  • Creating transformational change within your organization from the bottom up
  • The difference between how venture capitalism and funding for corporate entrepreneurship work
  • Why it's crucial to create amazing pitch decks
  • How Carnegie Mellon's Corporate Startup Lab engages with organizations and how they help large companies embrace entrepreneurship within their organizations
  • Industries that are most ripe for transformational innovation
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