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Composed failures in resource planning


Failure in resource planning is a controversial topic. Resource planning takes place by taking measurable and quantifiable facts—such as the time it takes one person to complete a task—and dividing them into the required output to determine the resources needed. It is relatively straightforward and can be calculated. Resource planning is a common practice; however, it hardly needs to be utilized for innovation. In today's episode, I share my thoughts and observations on composed failures in resource planning. I discuss how the lack of fixed variables in innovation and the changing nature of technology, market segments, and people working prevent the creation of an accurate, referable history. I discuss whether companies should estimate future resource needs when they are often based on rough estimations. I also highlight the issues with planning on a personal level in innovation and product creation roles.

"We are guessing a lot when we are thinking about resources in innovation types of work." - Paul Heller


This week on Innovation Talks:
  • How resource planning for innovation differs from resource planning for regular work
  • How the lack of precision and unknown variables in innovative roles hinders accurate planning and scheduling
  • Why you shouldn't focus on planning on a personal level
  • Why you should only create future statements of resource needs for critical resources and skills
  • How managing resources en masse can be the solution for innovation-led projects
  • Why attempting to be too precise will ultimately lead to failure

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