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Colorado Technology Association and the talent market with Frannie Matthews


Frannie Matthews is the President and CEO of the Colorado Technology Association—the definitive tech hub between the coasts—and has helped leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs since 1994. Under Frannie’s leadership since 2018, CTA has grown in size and influence, with a 31% membership revenue boost in 2019. She has over 35 years of experience in the tech industry but never stops scanning for refinement and improvement. Frannie was part of IBM for 18 years, driving the company’s success by putting client experience, value, and satisfaction at the forefront.

Frannie joins me today to describe what the Colorado Technology Association is about and how they empower future leaders in the technology space. She explains what people will love about Colorado and how the CTA has been working hard to turn it into a tech hub. She shares how the pandemic made it hard for CTA to sustain its growth in 2019 and how it improved its business model throughout the last two years. Frannie also discusses why she sometimes prefers an old-school approach to business structuring and to-do lists.

“Collaboration is so much more powerful in a growth mindset.” - Frannie Matthews

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • \What the Colorado Technology Association is about
  • What Frannie says is beautiful about Colorado
  • How the pandemic required them to change their business model
  • What Frannie sees as the best way to retain technology talents
  • Why Frannie prefers an old-school approach to having a structure
  • The advantages of partnering and collaborating for growth in any industry

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