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Kathy Iberle is the Owner and Principal Consultant of Iberle Consulting Group—providing advice, workshops, assessments, and training on solving process problems for faster product development. Kathy previously worked for Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference and was a Software and Solution Quality Architect at HP. She has a Master's degree in Computer Science and Chemistry (Physical) from the University of Washington and a Master's degree in Chemistry (Inorganic) from the University of Michigan. Kathy is also a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified Advisor. Kathy joins me today to discuss agility in innovation. She shares how Agile came about and the advantages of taking a feature-by-feature approach to innovation and testing. Kathy reveals how to take Agile and successfully use it in hybrid software/hardware projects. She explains how the global complexities of the supply change and Covid shutdowns hamper product development and production. Kathy also describes how reducing task-switching returns time to teams and how the Flipped Classroom speeds up education on methodologies such as Rapid Learning Cycles.

"A cross-functional team is great when you can get it, but sometimes you need specialists." - Kathy Iberle


This week on Innovation Talks:
  • The evolution of Agile in innovation and software development and advantages of a staged feature-by-feature approach
  • The higher cost of change in hardware innovation
  • The common mistakes made when using Agile methods
  • Details of Kathy's upcoming book, When Agile Gets Physical, and how to use Agile for mixed hardware/software projects
  • How to break down friction between hardware and software teams by raising awareness and leveraging Rapid Learning Cycles and Integration Train Methods
  • How knowledge and task-switching within dedicated teams delay progress and create a negative effect
  • How Flipped Classrooms are coming into their own with increased IT competencies
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