Presented by: Mark Adkins, Founder/President, Smart Hammer Innovation

For those companies operating in mature markets, the challenge of rapid growth comes down to a numbers game. When your core markets are growing at 1% to 3% per year, how do you grow at a higher rate that attracts outstanding employees and satisfies your shareholders? In recent years, a new organizational concept has shown how breakthrough innovation can be achieved.

During this webcast, Mark discusses the emerging organizational concept Hybrid R&D that shows how breakthrough innovation can be achieved by building an organization based on:

  • A mission to create entirely new product categories
  • Restructuring a traditional R&D group to include the role of commercial managers
  • A Stage Zero process which is critical to filter and promote breakthrough ideas

If your idea-to-launch process is so refined that breakthrough innovation ideas may not be advanced, or if all available funding is committed to core products, this is a webcast you won't want to miss.

This webcast is designed for individuals that are in organizations that are characterized by:

  • An idea-to-launch process that is so refined, that breakthrough innovation ideas may not be advanced
  • Typically, all available funding is committed to core products
  • Breakthrough products are required to enable abundant growth in the future

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About the Presenter

Mark AdkinsFounder/President Smart Hammer Innovation
Mark Adkins is the founder & president of Smart Hammer Innovation, a management consulting business that helps B2B firms seeking profitable growth through product innovation. Mark is the former Director of Marketing and New Product Development at Cincinnati Milacron where the company was recognized as the nation’s best New Product Development program by the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA), receiving their "Outstanding Corporate Innovator" award.
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