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Solutions That Help Organizations Achieve Exceptional Business Results Through Improving Innovation Performance

Regardless of industry, innovation performance is central to achieving sustainable growth and profitability. Leaders recognize that innovation is critical to success and central to strategic direction of the organization, yet effective execution remains difficult. While each industry is faced with its own unique set of challenges when it comes to attaining results from innovation and new product development, most organizations are working towards overcoming a common set of obstacles.

Research shows some of the following challenges:

of new products miss the launch date
of new products fall short of profit objectives
of companies can’t tell whether their product portfolio is aligned with strategic targets

Leading innovators, across a number of industries, such as Clarcor (filtration), Abbott (medical), Bayer MaterialScience (materials), Wendy’s (restaurant), Philips (diversified), Merck (pharmaceutical) and many others rely on Sopheon’s Accolade solution to:

Strategic business innovation challenges: “Our portfolios, initiatives and resources are not aligned with our strategies and objectives.” “Our resources are maxed out due to time wasted on too many low-value projects.” “Our annual decision cycle means we are slow to adjust our portfolios and can’t respond to market changes.” “We lack visibility to high-quality, accurate data so we make political or gut-based decisions.” “It is difficult to get anything truly innovative or new accomplished because of short-term financial decisions.”

Independent of the industry your organization operates within, a common set of challenges are encountered when working to meet innovation and new product development goals

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