Accolade® 12.3 enables local flexibility to react quickly to markets, eases risk management, and frees up teams for high-value contributions.

Sopheon, the international provider of software, expertise, and best practices for Enterprise Innovation Performance, today releases the latest version of its Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management solution, extending the corporate adaptability strategy introduced in Accolade 12.2.

While digital and business transformation are top corporate priorities, it is widely recognized that most corporations are unable to respond quickly to external conditions or move fast enough to be the market disruptor and not the disrupted. They lack an operating model that simultaneously offers both connectivity and flexibility. Operational business units, segments and regional entities need the freedom to respond to their markets while remaining aligned with the corporate strategy and key performance indicators. Along with this, employees need to be freed from menial administrative tasks to focus on higher-value contributions that move the dial. Sopheon calls this capability “corporate adaptability.”

 “Corporations will not survive in the digital age unless they adopt a new digital operating model that allows them to move faster than their outside markets while operating within corporate strategic guidelines and governance,” said Andy Michuda, Sopheon CEO. “Accolade 12.3 has been created in partnership with a number of clients who are some of the most progressive, world-leading companies, in an effort to enable traditional market leaders to compete and win in today’s fast-paced economy.”

Accolade 12.3 introduces new capabilities aimed at solving for this challenge including features that offer:

  • More localized flexibility without compromise to corporate governance
  • Transparency of dependencies and notifications for risk management
  • Enhanced user experience and time savings through smart automation

Tristen Branson, Product Innovation Manager at Australian Paper, added: “We are very pleased with Accolade 12.3 advances in user friendliness that will save our users time in their work, while providing management the information they need for better decision making.”

For Further Information Contact:

Barry Mence, Chairman
Arif Karimjee, CFO
Sopheon plc + 44 (0) 1276 919 560
Carl Holmes / Giles Rolls (Corporate Finance)
Alice Lane (ECM)
finnCap Ltd + 44 (0) 20 7220 0500

About Sopheon
Sopheon (LSE: SPE) partners with customers to provide complete enterprise innovation management solutions including software, expertise, and best practices, that enable them to achieve exceptional long-term revenue growth and profitability. Sopheon’s Accolade solution provides unique, fully-integrated coverage for the entire innovation management and new product development lifecycle, including strategic innovation planning, roadmapping, idea and concept development, process and project management, portfolio management and resource planning. Sopheon’s solutions have been implemented by over 250 customers with over 60,000 users in over 50 countries. Sopheon is listed on AIM, operated by the London Stock Exchange.

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