Technology Evaluation Centers published a 2-part article about the importance of Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) for manufacturers across the world to respond to the challenges of volatile global economic and financial conditions, variability of material costs, and price-sensitive buyers and markets. Innovation is increasingly viewed as a critical capability to address these challenges and ensure long-term, sustainable revenue and profit growth. A further requirement is the need to be more agile to make fact-based investment and priority decisions as circumstances changes and events occur.

Enterprise Innovation Management solutions such as Sopheon’s Accolade, which is mentioned in the article, have a proven track record of helping some of the world’s best known companies and brands achieve greater business success through innovation. The article is very informative and educational with good pointers to consider for implementing innovation processes and EIM solutions. The article written by Predrag (PJ) Jakovljevic, Enterprise Applications Industry Analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers, can be viewed on TEC’s website at:
The Need for Investment in Enterprise Innovation: Part One
The Need for Investment in Enterprise Innovation: Part Two

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