Presented by: Reid Paquin, Research Analyst, The Aberdeen Group

Innovation has become critical to the long-term health of a business. For an industry like High Tech this is especially true as their customers demand feature-rich products.

While this push to more complex products helps to differentiate competitors; it also results in companies being forced to make trade-off decisions between three important factors – speed, cost, and quality.

Developing and bringing these new products to market can be one of the riskiest bets a High Tech company can make. Managing that risk can no longer be solely the job of senior executives - it takes a collaborative effort by all stakeholders to be successful.

Join Aberdeen and Sopheon to learn how the High Tech industry can successfully mitigate the many risks in the New Product Development & Introduction (NPDI) lifecycle. This video explains how leading companies in the High Tech industry are first to market with innovative products at competitive prices.

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About the Presenter

Reid PaquinResearch Analyst, The Aberdeen Group
As a Research Analyst at Aberdeen, Reid studies how manufacturing enterprises manage processes, people, and technologies to address continually changing market pressures. His current research focuses on many topics from product design to the plant floor, areas such as: New product introduction (NPI), risk management, corporate sustainability (includes EH&S, energy management and carbon management), quality management, asset management, plant automation, and industrial networking. Prior to Aberdeen, Reid worked in the Industrial Engineering department at a textile manufacturer where he focused on monitoring yield, automating data collection & interpretation, as well as developing a new set of standards for laminate style products which helped improve conformance. Reid holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Minor in Economics, a graduate certificate in Industrial Statistics, and is in the process of completing his M.S. in Statistics from the University of New Hampshire (UNH).
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