Accolade Enterprise Innovation Performance and Microsoft® Project® Integration

The release of Microsoft Project Server 2010 provided significant value to professional project managers by helping them control complex project schedules. But we have seen confusion and frustration in companies with users trying to use the Microsoft technology to improve their innovation processes, something it was not designed to do

Innovation and new product development processes are inherently characterized by high degrees of risk and uncertainty. And a full end-to-end innovation management solution – such as Accolade – improves investment decision-making by enabling cross-functional teams and business leaders to manage and reduce this risk and uncertainty and deliver higher levels of revenue and profit from new products and services.

Microsoft Project Server offers different capabilities and a different value proposition – Microsoft Project Server is a horizontal project management tool, primarily designed for professional project managers who schedule large projects via detailed work breakdown structures. It also suitable for functional managers who plan and schedule portfolios of low-risk and low-uncertainty projects, with predictable outcomes, such as routine IT projects.

Companies that attempt to use Microsoft Project Server for innovation management are therefore unlikely to succeed.

Sopheon recognizes the powerful project scheduling capabilities of Microsoft’s technology, and has developed deep integration between the Accolade solution and Microsoft Project Server to fully leverage these.

Accolade Microsoft Project Integration is built on commonly used Microsoft technology meaning you can quickly realize the benefits of implementing your innovation and new product development process; be confident that your process will be adopted and followed; reduce time and resources that would normally be spend on training; easily manipulate and report on data using familiar Microsoft functions and improve the return on your investments in Microsoft technologies.

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