Linking Innovation and Financial Performance

/Linking Innovation and Financial Performance

Linking Innovation and Financial Performance

Presented by: Doug Gates, Principal, Management Consulting KPMG LLP

Innovation has become the new buzzword for management to help drive growth and differentiate products. However, for many companies, innovation initiatives often fall short of financial expectations. To better forecast and manage revenue growth projections as well as planned profitiability levels, companies realize that they must drive changes in the way they approach and manage Innovation. The key is the ability to make decisions that recognize the potential at the top line with the impact at the bottom line, in short, "efficient growth".

Topics to be covered during this webinar include:

  • What the global manufacturing community is saying about innovation
  • Overcoming challenges that inhibit the ability to innovate and how to approach a new wave of thinking
  • Normalizing data to drive increased visibility across your business and enable more effective decision making
  • Foundational elements needed to define and create a successful innovation management approach
  • Attending this webinar will introduce participants to structural elements that will help them better define or improve their Innovation Valuation Management approach. By doing so, companies can achieve profitable growth, significant cost saving benefits, reduce inherent risks and improve execution to their Innovation Strategies.


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About the Presenter

Doug Gates
Doug GatesPrincipal, Management Consulting KPMG LLP
Doug is Principal in KPMG’s Management Consultant practice and is the National Leader in the Innovation and Engineering service area. Doug has over 30 years of experience both in consulting and industry positions. Doug is currently leading team’s delivering major operational improvement projects across a variety of industrial companies. In addition, he is the Global Leader for KPMG’s Aerospace and Defense Practice.
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