Presented by: Bob Bottelsen, Global Client Service Leader, Sopheon

Many organizations desire driving change into their product lines and market spaces through better execution and management of innovation. However, many are still struggling from previous efforts at establishing consistent processes and institutionalizing a mindset of innovation. Why is this so hard? Can evolving to a world-class Innovation process be made easier?

Start with a standard - a globally recognized innovation process standard where the major process designs come ready-made and strategies for collecting data, managing projects, and driving institution-wide reporting are standard. With Accolade Express for Process Management, customers can feel confident they’re seeing the real value of an innovation management process without building it themselves.

Join Sopheon's Bob Bottelsen and you will learn:

  • The ins and outs of starting down the innovation journey with a proven set of best practices.
  • How to evaluate your current innovation and PPM processes
  • How to develop and launch an out-of-the-box strategy

Enable your success with a world-class PPM so that you can spend more of your time changing your markets and less time wondering if you’re doing this right.

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About the Presenter

Bob Bottelsen
Bob BottelsenGlobal Client Service Leader Sopheon

Bob has been with Sopheon for almost 9 years and has the experience of many implementations of Accolade. Overall, he’s been a customer-focused consulting manager for over 20 years in his career. He really enjoys working with his customers to determine the best way to enable their success with Sopheon’s Accolade product line. Working with Express has proven to be a significant starting point for our customers and Bob loves guiding and mentoring them thru the pitfalls of over-complication.”

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