Align IT Strategy and Initiatives with Corporate Strategy

Digital initiatives and growth are a top priority for CIOs and IT departments. To drive and support enterprise change, focus on business-enabling technologies and prioritize initiatives tied to corporate strategy.


Establish Causal Relationship between IT Priorities and Business Outcomes

Holistic portfolio visibility in relation to corporate strategy, benefits and outcomes help IT leaders validate prioritization decisions so other functional leaders can see the sound reasoning behind “yes” and “no” decisions.

Accolade shows clear alignment or gaps between IT strategy and corporate strategic priorities so IT leaders can prioritize the most critical products and projects and then communicate these trade-off decisions to stakeholders.

With this visibility, IT leaders don’t lose sight of initiatives and projects important to strategy. They also build cross-functional consensus on investment decisions that will move the business forward.

IT Activities Aligned to Strategic Priorities

Beyond IT strategy, Accolade provides a full line of sight to cross-functional strategies for better insight and decision-making.

Make Faster, Better Decisions

Enterprises are transforming how they operate and are investing in end-to-end software like Accolade to realize digital strategy. By digitally managing strategic initiatives to accomplish goals, companies have a single version of the truth that creates visibility, alignment and accountability to close the strategy-execution gap.

"Sopheon’s software will enable us to better align our people and investments with our strategic and financial goals."

Twila Perhus, IT Director, Doosan Bobcat

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