The Innovation Process

Managing your innovation process is essential for competitive differentiation and to stay ahead of changing market and consumer trends.

Manage Innovation Process
The Global Innovation 1000 is an annual study that "Strategy&" has delivered since 2005. Year after year, the results confirm there is no statistical correlation between pure R&D spend and financial success. There is, however, statistical correlation between how well innovation is managed and sustained profitability.


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Disconnect with Innovation Process and Business Strategy
Innovation management is central to business strategy for organizations in competitive markets. In this webinar, Stan Przybylinski, Vice President of Research at CIMdata, focuses on the problems faced by companies trying to optimize this essential business process, and provides insights from a recent study with industry practitioners around the globe.


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Intro to Roadmapping
Roadmapping has emerged as a best practice for aligning business functions with corporate strategy. Companies use roadmaps to increase visibility, accountability, and collaboration at almost every level of planning. The process of innovation requires looking ahead to the future, and roadmapping is a great place to start.


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Enterprise Innovation Management Solutions Landscape —
Connecting the Dots

Sustaining profitable business growth is difficult, and many established organizations suffer from inefficiencies in their innovation process due to disjointed processes and tools.

CIMdata, the leading global PLM consulting and research firm, provides research and analysis on the EIM landscape including solutions, benefits, implementation strategies, and challenges.

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