Innovation: An Imperative for Growth

/Innovation: An Imperative for Growth

Innovation: An Imperative for Growth

Presented by: Jonas Malmlund, Partner Deloitte Stockholm

Markets and shareholders demand sustained and profitable growth, yet only 1 in 10 companies achieve it. Innovation is on almost every corporate leader’s lips as the number one means of how to bridge the gap between today’s growth and the growth demanded by the markets. The focus on innovation is no longer a consciously made choice — instead it is an imperative for growth!

The classical trade-off, from which most organizations suffer, is between short-sighted revenues and long-term existence. Without creating an organizational structure in which new radical ideas can prosper, organizations are destined to get caught between delivering cash flows as expected by the markets while at the same time allowing for long term innovative initiatives. The difficulty CEOs face, however, is in the discovery of creative and innovative ideas and in ensuring a repeatable and rapid means of objectively evaluating potential ideas and converting them into value.

Innovation needs to be seen as a core component of an organization’s growth plan. As such it needs to be managed like any other process within the organization, with targets, funding, resource and accountability. Today’s organization needs to shift its traditional focus from product development to encompass its organization, its processes as well as its current business model.

After completing this web seminar, you will know:

  • The difference between sustaining and disruptive innovation
  • The necessary prerequisites for an organization to call itself innovative
  • How innovation extends over traditional product development

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About the Presenter

Jonas Malmlund
Jonas MalmlundPartner Deloitte Stockholm
Jonas Malmlund is lead partner for the Strategy & Operations practice at Deloitte Consulting's practice in Stockholm. With more than 12 years of experience from IT and management consulting, Jonas has a broad experience including areas such as strategy, program management, innovation and growth engagements. Having worked with some of the largest companies in the Nordics such as Nokia, TeliaSonera and Bonnier Publishing Group, he  has built a strong expertise in product innovation and growth-related challenges and solutions for leading companies in a variety of industries. Jonas holds an MSc in Computer & System Sciences from Stockholm University.
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