Information & Resources to Develop Your Successful Innovation Business Strategy

Research shows that companies that successfully apply a well-defined, structured innovation business process reduce inherent innovation and new product development (NPD) risks and increase innovation performance results compared to their peers.

For more information and resources about developing your innovation business strategy, click on the links to each of the innovation business process areas below:

Fact-based Analysis and Decisions to Achieve Innovation Performance Goals

Capital Expenditure Management
Make effective funding decisions with a top-down view of CapEx project progress, ensuring all CapEx projects are aligned with corporate strategy.

Collaborative Workflow
Real-time Cross-Functional Individual, Team and Leadership Coordination

Idea and Concept Development
Produce High-Value, Winning Product Development Initiatives

Portfolio Optimization
Investment Decisions to Achieve Business Objectives

Process & Project Management
Get the Right New Products/Services to Market as Planned

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Align Strategic Innovation and Portfolio Plans with Engineering and Supply Chain

Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)
Manage a Portfolio of Projects for Optimal Scheduling and Delivery

Resource Planning
Support Business and Portfolio Priorities

Align Market, Product & Technology Plans

Stage-Gate Automation
Cross-Functional, Proven NPD Methodologies and Processes

Strategic Initiative Management
When done right, strategic initiative management connects top-down strategy with operational activities to accomplish goals faster.

Strategic Planning
Alignment with Business Objectives

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