Solutions that help manufacturers manage rapid technology changes and narrowing product lifecycles while still improving industrial innovation performance to achieve profitability

Successful innovation in the industrial manufacturing industry depends on a number of complex and connected factors including rapid product and technology changes, volatile raw material prices, and dependence on changing demand cycles.

As the lifecycle of products continues to shorten, successful industrial innovation presents a number of challenges:

  • “We have growing pressure to make product development and production more efficient to drive profitability.”
  • “Our products are increasingly more complex, often with high engineering content, and we need to improve product quality to establish and maintain significant competitive differentiation.”
  • “We need to adjust initiatives and strategy to account for continuously changing inputs – material prices, product, technology and demand cycles are volatile.”
  • “We need to manage innovation on a global scale as we seek growth from emerging markets globally, and we experience increasing competition from global manufacturers.”
Sopheon’s Accolade solution helps industrial manufacturers align their strategic roadmapping, innovation process execution and product portfolio management to drive innovation performance.

By providing a structure to the entire manufacturing innovation and product development lifecycle across global business units and cross-functional teams, companies can experience gains in efficiency and visibility while empowering the organization to effectively shift strategic plans, portfolios and resources based on changing demand.

Cross-functional, integrated strategy with Roadmapping

Sopheon’s Accolade solution and best practices help companies keep strategy and initiatives aligned with swiftly changing market needs and new technology

Learn why leading industrial manufacturing companies such as Parker Hannifin, Clarcor, and Tennant rely on Sopheon’s Accolade solution to:

  • Centralize the roadmapping process across the entire enterprise to view and adjust for the impact of market trends, changing resources, economic conditions and internal resources on product planning and development.
  • Create efficiencies in the innovation and NPD process that accelerate new product introduction and drive profitability.
  • Streamline the product portfolio management process to make better-informed decisions about which initiatives to pursue and invest resources in.
  • Gain visibility into product and project dependencies, as well as identify opportunities to reuse valuable existing technologies, designs and intellectual property to reduce redundant efforts.
  • Ensure product development initiatives remain aligned with strategic priorities in the light of changing influencing factors.
  • Enable cross-functional collaboration across team members, leaders and management as well as globally across business units.

What Customers Say

“The value of Parker’s product portfolio has increased by more than 500%...We view Accolade as being critical to helping create sustainable competitive advantage for our company.”
Craig Maxwell, Corporate Vice President of Technology and Innovation, Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin Case Study

Learn how Parker Hannifin added structure and discipline to the innovation process, helping them achieve significant competitive differentiation

Learn more about how Sopheon partners with leading industrial manufacturers to improve innovation performance:

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