Presented by: Tom Sherbet, Business Consultant at Sopheon

Companies today face increasing complexity and multi-faceted decisions to develop realistic and viable long range plans and annual operating plans that support the strategic business growth and profitability objectives.

Some of the key decisions for synchronizing strategy over time are:

  • Why companies need to focus on specific target market initiatives to support the strategic business goals.
  • What products and/or services are required to support the market initiatives?
  • How technology requirements support the product / services initiatives.
  • When are all the contributing elements needed in support of the synchronized plan?

By watching this session, you’ll learn about strategic planning methods and best practices to:

  • Ensure strategic business goals and today’s investment decisions are aligned with long-range growth plans
  • Align markets, products / services and technology initiatives across the business using proven, consistent processes
  • Advance product and technology strategies from incremental thinking to long-term transformational vision
  • Support broad process adoption, including participation by suppliers, customers and other external stakeholders
  • Help your organization prepare for tomorrow by anticipating possibilities and by positioning itself to move quickly and strategically in
    reaction to outside events.

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About the Presenter

Tom Sherbet

Tom SherbetInnovation Consultant, Sopheon
Tom has had more than 10 years of experience developing and implementing strategic planning processes, including roadmapping methodologies and integration of software. He has played a key role in establishing best-in-class strategic planning solutions for major corporations in a range of industries.
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