How to Implement a Successful Innovation Process

/How to Implement a Successful Innovation Process

How to Implement a Successful Innovation Process

Presented by: Grant A. Coupland, Innovation Centre Leader ColepCCL s.a

Join us for this webinar, “How to Implement a Successful Innovation Process.” During this session, you will learn how ColepCCL, Europe’s largest contract manufacturer of personal care, cosmetics, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and household products, has structured its innovation process through the creation its Innovation Centre. A central aspect of the Centre’s charter is to coordinate and support implementation of a common innovation process across ColepCCL’s geographically decentralized infrastructure of business units.

After completing this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Recognize key considerations when scoping an innovation department
  • Prioritize which of these considerations are key for their won companies
  • Take as a reference some of the tools and processes utilized by ColepCCL

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About the Presenter

Grant A. Coupland
Grant A. CouplandInnovation Centre Leader ColepCCL s.a
As well as being Colep’s Innovation Centre Leader, Grant Coupland is also Head of Procurement for the ColepCCL group. He has a comprehensive understanding of the packaging industry and a passion for innovation. Prior to joining ColepCCL, he had 10 years experience in the automotive industry.
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