How to Get a Better Return on your Innovation Investment

/How to Get a Better Return on your Innovation Investment

How to Get a Better Return on your Innovation Investment

Presented by: Rick Eagar, Chair of the editorial board of Arthur D. Little

So you’re convinced that investing in Innovation is a good thing to do but you’re not sure that you are getting good value from your investment. You've seen over a dozen articles on innovation in the last year alone. These often look at a few iconic examples (e.g. Apple, eBay, or P&G) but some of the advice is conflicting and you wonder if you can really replicate Apple’s business model in your industry! You think that some of your innovation management practices need improvement but there seems to be little empirical evidence about what really works in terms of managing the innovation process.

We’d like to share some findings from Arthur D. Little’s 8th Global Innovation Excellence Study – a detailed cross-industry benchmark – and invite you to benchmark yourself against your industry peers.

The study is based on looking at the relationship between innovation success (based on impact of innovation) and innovation performance on a comprehensive framework which breaks down innovation activity in different areas and looks at adoption of best practice in each area.

This webinar will provide some hard evidence on which innovation practices separate top innovators from others within and across a wide range of industries, including four key cross-industry innovation management practices which are most consistently linked to strong innovation performance:

  • Understanding important technologies in terms of their contribution to corporate goals.
  • Using external sources of business intelligence in a structured way.
  • Reacting to changes in targeted segments by reviewing the product/service portfolio.
  • Mobilizing the whole organization to develop new ideas.

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About the Presenter

Rick EagarChair of the editorial board of Arthur D. Little
Rick Eagar is a Partner of Arthur D. Little and leader of the UK Technology and Innovation Management practice. He has 33 years industrial experience including 24 years in management consulting. He has worked extensively in innovation, technology and R&D strategy, organisation and performance improvement across many sectors including rail, energy, government, nuclear and consumer goods. He is Chair of the editorial board of Arthur D. Little’s top management journal Prism, and is a regular keynote speaker and author on themes such as R&D, innovation management, research & technology institutes, and national innovation policy.
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