The Full Benefits of Digital New Product Processes

/The Full Benefits of Digital New Product Processes

The Full Benefits of Digital New Product Processes

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017, at 10 am CST

Adopting digitally driven techniques and tools to improve your new product development processes can have a significant impact on both top-line growth and bottom-line profit. Finding ways to achieve both is critical to success in a volatile marketplace where the barriers to entry have largely disappeared and the contributions of new products are even more important to future growth.

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This exclusive webinar hosted by Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) examines the numerous ways in which digital systems and processes can facilitate NPD process adaptability without sacrificing governance and accountability, fosters greater alignment and transparency across the organization and improves the prospects for success in the marketplace. The discussion includes findings from CGT's Tech Trends Report 2017.

Speaker: Brad Eby, Sopheon Client Account Executive

Speaker: Theresa Manahan, Director PMO ConAgra

Moderator: Peter Breen, CGT Editor in Chief

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