Fire up the Corporate Innovation Pipeline

/Fire up the Corporate Innovation Pipeline

Fire up the Corporate Innovation Pipeline

Presented by: René Balle, Director Vestas Global Research

Vestas Wind Systems, world leader in wind power solutions, was challenged to generate continued organic growth. The company needed to stimulate the creativity of the organization to develop high impact, strategic innovative ideas and capture those ideas for reuse. With a mix of tactics including a community driven approach, a strong IT platform and organizational change leadership, Vestas fired up the corporate innovation pipeline.

During this session Mr. Balle will, in very practical terms, describe how Vestas infused true innovation into its corporate strategy and the everyday business.

By attending this complimentary, online event you will learn:

  • How Vestas leveraged a powerful combination of people, process and technology to raise the level of ideation within the organization
  • Best practice approaches for creating sustainable innovation
  • How the principles of self-organization positively impact ideation

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About the Presenter

René Balle
René BalleDirector Vestas Global Research
René Balle, Global Technology Innovation at Vestas Wind Systems, is responsible for Vestas’ technology strategy, roadmapping and innovation network. Throughout his career, René has focused on innovation, new business development and technology development. He holds degrees in engineering from the Engineering College of Aarhus, a MBA in Technology, Market and Organization from Copenhagen Business School and Stanford Business School and a Comprehensive Leadership education from Harvard Business School.
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