Financial Metrics to Drive Strategic Portfolio Performance

/Financial Metrics to Drive Strategic Portfolio Performance

Financial Metrics to Drive Strategic Portfolio Performance

While all companies forecast the financial impact of their new product development investments, not all realize that the specific metrics that are used to rank and select projects heavily influence the performance of portfolios, possibly towards an unintended outcome.

This webinar explores typical project and portfolio evaluation metrics with respect to what these metrics specifically indicate, and the decision-making behaviors they drive.

Given that the most successful portfolios are guided by a focused innovation strategy, which metrics should your organization be using to measure and maximize investment performance?

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to choose the right financial metrics to drive your innovation strategy
  • Understand the unintended consequences of picking the wrong financial metrics
  • How financial metrics drive different decision-making behavior

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About the Presenter

Mike TulaneyMEng, MBA, Business Consultant, Sopheon
With experience in new product development in the automotive and alternative energy industries, Mike advises global corporations on next-generation methodology to develop and execute robust innovation programs.
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