Presented By: Alan Keuneke, Innovation Consultant, Sopheon

To institute change in your organization takes courage and a conviction that it is needed to ensure long term viability of your company.  The presence of processes may give you a false level of confidence as it is difficult to correlate the business results with a process that results that may consistently lack timeliness and integrity.

Is Your Company:

  • Making decisions lacking data integrity

  • Inefficient and/or inconsistent processes

  • Your Innovations/NPD portfolio lacks (or disregards) alignment to strategy

  • Duplicate effort within projects or recreate the same results throughout your organization.

Whether your company is struggling or interested in maintaining its competitive advantage, taking your first step toward a solution can be challenging. This webinar will discuss the four common problems to look for in your company and best practices for quickly improving your innovation initiatives.

What you will learn:

  • Identifying key signs that your company has a problem with innovation

  • How to take the first steps towards achieving your innovation ambition

  • What outcome you can expect to see as you mature and grow your innovation process

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About the Presenter

Alan Keuneke

Alan KeunekeInnovation Consultant
For over 15 years, Alan has been successfully providing product development and management solutions to both Fortune 500 and small companies. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and many years optimizing Process and Product designs, Alan leverages experience across a diverse mix of industries. He works with executives, managers and contributors to insure the needs of every group are met while maintaining maximum value from the improvements in business processes.

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