Enterprise Innovation Performance

Leverage an Enterprise Innovation Management solution to close the divide between C-level strategy and day-to-day activities, boosting short- and long-term performance and profits.

financial metrics drive strategic portfolio and enterprise innovation performance
Given that the most successful portfolios are guided by a focused innovation strategy, which metrics should your organization be using to measure and maximize investment performance?


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Connect Bottom-Up Initiatives with Top-Down Growth Strategies
Sopheon’s Accolade® is designed to fully connect and align top-down and bottom-up plans from across the enterprise, enabling cross-functional teams to collaborate on innovation goals and strategies.


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Aligning Product Portfolios with Strategic Plans for Enterprise Innovation Performance
Successfully synchronize planning and portfolio processes to ensure that innovation projects and product development resources are consistently focused on products with the greatest revenue potential.


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Buyer's Guide:
How to Select an Enterprise Innovation Management Solution

Disruptive forces are hard to anticipate and are annihilating long-established markets at a rapid pace. Stay ahead of the competition and drive an innovation and new product development engine that reliably produces expected results.

Download the Buyer’s Guide for insight into identifying and selecting an Enterprise Innovation Management solution.

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Buyers Guide - How to Select EIM
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