Presented by: Mike Tulaney, MEng, MBA, Business Consultant, Sopheon

New product development is a complex, high-risk endeavor for any organization. In order to execute a game-changing innovation program, leaders must be willing to engage the unknowns around future markets and the technologies that will serve them.

This webinar discusses how simulation and specialized business processes can provide a risk-free proving ground to challenge and compare innovation strategies, thereby empowering analysts and executives to confidently make difficult investment decisions.

Presented as a series of layers to be built upon each other, the processes described include:

  • The Market System: Calculating portfolio sensitivity to market factors
  • The Strategy/Scenario Matrix: Simulating various strategies within a prescribed set of scenarios
  • Virtual Strategy Games: a Real Options approach to innovation portfolio analysis

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About the Presenter

Mike TulaneyMEng, MBA, Business Consultant, Sopheon
With experience in new product development in the automotive and alternative energy industries, Mike advises global corporations on next-generation methodology to develop and execute robust innovation programs.
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