CIMdata, the leading global PLM consulting and research firm, has initiated a multi-sponsor research project to develop and socialize a common framework for next-gen innovation management technologies that help industrial companies innovate more effectively and sustainably.

The goal of the research is to address the existing concerns and typical questions—as well as preempt the emerging concerns—of industrial companies about implementing Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) by providing market education and motivating web events. The project will result in an EIM Solutions guide to help accelerate the development of the global EIM market for the benefit of both solution providers and the industry.

According to Dr. Suna Polat, the CIMdata Director responsible for Collaborative Innovation and Social Product Development, “Industrial companies appear slower to invest in EIM than they should be for the competitive benefits that can be attained. This hesitancy to act is due largely to the confusion, uncertainty, and ambiguity from the substantial differences in terminology, solution approaches, strategies, best practices, and benefit claims they hear from a plethora of innovation management solution providers. This confusion has been further inflated by the lack of confidence in how industrial companies can best employ social media and other new collaborative innovation tools both internally in product development as well as externally with their supply chain and customers.”

Sopheon is supporting and participating in the research project as part of its commitment to leading companies through the fast-paced digital economy to maintain a competitive advantage while calling on leaders to succeed in the new world order of transformation.

Huub Rutten, Sopheon’s Vice President of Product Research & Design and co-founder, commented, “We believe that as a contributor to the evolving EIM space, we have a special responsibility to help companies navigate today’s market changes, and we share CIMdata’s view that a common EIM framework will provide a successful path forward. By participating in this research we continue our commitment to bringing vision, ideas and solutions that optimize multifunctional collaboration for improved rates of innovation.”

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