Effectively Manage Capital Expenditures to Increase ROI

Organizations invest in capital expenditure projects to create value for the future of the company. Unfortunately for most, projects aligned with strategy aren’t always prioritized or capital is allocated without considering the organization’s entire CapEx portfolio.

Make effective funding decisions based on a top-down view of CapEx project progress, ensuring all CapEx projects are aligned with corporate strategy.


Empower Data-Driven Decisions

The best investment decisions are made with a clear line of sight through CapEx portfolios down to project-level data. They require a defined process with decision governance so that the most valuable projects are approved

When organizations have a cohesive view of CapEx projects from initial idea and proposal evaluation through the end of the project evaluation – with all approvals in between – leaders can be confident they are allocating appropriate resources to the right projects.

Manage Costs

Using an end-to-end platform for managing CapEx helps with both cost reduction and cost avoidance.

Cost Reduction

  • Improve project forecasts and evaluations

  • Invest time and budgets in the most viable projects

  • Gain personnel and workforce efficiencies

Cost Avoidance

  • Avoid scheduling mistakes

  • Improve forecasting and risk management

  • Avoid additional or unplanned expenditures

Gain the Advantage of End-to-End CapEx Management with Accolade

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