Presented by: Andy Michuda, Chief Executive Officer for Sopheon

It is widely accepted by senior business leaders that innovation is key to long-term, profitable revenue growth. However, innovation processes are some of the slowest-evolving, least-improved business processes in the corporate world today. This is reflected in research from many sources about problems and low performance results for innovation and new product development initiatives.

This presentation by Andy Michuda, CEO of Sopheon, presented at the Chief Innovation Conference (CINO) in London and San Francisco shows how executives and primary decision-makers can drive exceptional innovation and new product/service development results by focusing on a number of key processes and capabilities. It will reference supporting research, and real-world experience with many of world’s leading brands.

Key learnings in this 30 minute video include:

  • Why enterprise innovation performance matters for business growth and success
  • The eight principles of innovation management for business transformation
  • What separates winners and losers in innovation
  • Innovation maturity model and self-assessment
  • Four key innovation trends to watch

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About the Presenter

Andy MichudaChief Executive Officer, Sopheon
Andrew (Andy) Michuda was appointed chief executive officer of Sopheon in September 2000. From 1997 to 2000, he served as chief executive officer and an executive director of Teltech Resource Network Corporation, which was acquired by Sopheon. Prior to joining Sopheon, Mr. Michuda held senior leadership positions at Control Data.
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