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Disruption Abounds in Automotive

The automotive industry is facing radical disruption and will continue to do so in the years to come.

  • More than $100 billion invested in Automotive R&D globally every year1
  • Advanced driver-assistance systems technology could reach $35 billion in revenue by 20212
  • 98% of new vehicles in 2020 will have connectivity-enabled technology3
  • Cost per mile may be 40% cheaper when sharing an autonomous ride vs. driving one’s own automobile3
  • Adaptive speed control is expected to be in 80% of new vehicles by 20253
  • By 2030, electric vehicles may account for 35% of European vehicle sales4

How manufacturers and suppliers respond to this change will determine the leaders and the losers in coming years.

Looking to get ahead and transform to improve enterprise capabilities?

That’s where Accolade® comes in.

Minimize Time-to-Market

Increase information transparency and process visibility to boost agile capabilities, aiding in quick responses to change and faster product time-to-market.

Deliver the Right Products at the Right Time

Visualize, explore and prioritize innovation portfolios. Effectively weigh the trade-offs between risks and rewards to deliver more high-value, new products to market.

Link Strategic, Product and Technology Plans

Quickly adjust product and technology strategies and adapt to new market developments. Then, share with stakeholders to reduce business risk.

Balance Risk and Optimize Resource Planning

Gain visibility into how human, physical and financial resources are deployed to make the best decisions on allocating finite resources to projects that balance risk and maximize returns.

Create Game-Changing Innovations

Apply sustainable methods for generating and evaluating ideas in a space that enables cross-functional collaboration and advance the best ideas into development.

Connect Bottom-Up Initiatives with Top-Down Growth Strategies

Create clear linkages between objectives, strategies and the initiatives needed to deliver them, and see the gaps between innovation plans and daily operational activities.

Streamline Deliverable Creation, Approval, and Regulatory Compliance

Efficient collaboration across global innovation teams is possible with streamlined review and approval processes, effectively increasing decision-making speed.

Improve Forecasting with Actionable Insights

Leverage actionable analytic and knowledge discovery insight from both inside and outside the organization to proactively manage risk and create breakthrough innovations.


It’s time to consolidate the number of tools your organization is using and bring transparency to information, processes and your global portfolio.

To get in touch with one of our enterprise innovation specialists, contact us.

For more on Accolade in the automotive space, visit our industry page.



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