Develop Market, Product & Technology Roadmaps with Accolade

Innovation planning is a holistic process that begins with strategy. You can’t just start evaluating portfolios from where you are today; you must first stretch your thinking across horizons—perhaps beyond what you even think you can achieve—to define long-term, transformational goals. These long-term goals may be different depending on your business or industry—for some of our clients, it is three years, and for others it is 20 years—but it is always necessary to put a stake in the ground regarding “what you want to be when you grow up.” This means asking what market opportunities you will address, what products will meet those needs, and what technologies do you need to invest in today to get there?

Sopheon’s Accolade software provides the means to develop dynamic, interlinked long-range market, product and technology roadmaps. It reduces the uncertainty and risks associated with strategic product, project and program planning decisions by enabling you to plan dependencies and anticipate the impact probabilities from internal and external developments over extended periods of time.

Interactive visualization in the product roadmapping software enhances and expands the capability of decision makers, enabling them to identify strategic gaps, zero in on the implications of investment options over time, and move quickly from insight to action. Standardized roadmapping language ensures that strategies are communicated clearly and consistently throughout the organization.

The Accolade solution streamlines and automates real-time roadmap data enabling cross-functional teams to collaborate in the roadmapping process, and share secure planning information with suppliers and partners to ensure strategic alignment, and support open innovation.

You can realize these key benefits for your business using Accolade Roadmapping:

  • Achieve wider adoption of strategic planning and product roadmapping processes.
  • Ensure that near-term product and technology investments also support long-term needs.
  • More accurately forecast the future of current and planned products.
  • Confidently invest in the right markets, products and technologies to sustain and grow your business over the long term.

Solutions-Product-Accolade-Roadmapping Software

Graphical roadmap visualizations enable understanding and manipulation of the linkages and dependencies between market, product and technology plans.


Relationships and categorization of plans and projects are intuitively established, maintained and viewed using flexible grid view graphical data representation.
With Accolade you are in control to ensure alignment of product investment decisions with long-term market trends, economic conditions, competitor moves and technology developments.

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