Collaborative Innovation and Workflow for Innovation Success

Developing innovative new products requires complex coordination among many people in multiple business functions within the organization, such as marketing, operations, research and development, finance, legal, etc. There is also an increasing and necessary additional external collaboration channel with customers, suppliers, market research, and other participants in a global supply network that can and should contribute to a collaborative innovation process in your organization.

Effective and successful innovation requires real-time collaboration by cross-functional teams across time zones, organizational boundaries and locations. However, just having a collaborative innovation environment isn’t enough – you also need an innovation workflow capability to ensure that individual participants and teams are notified of assignments, activities and status on the project. While collaboration on innovation initiatives is critical to success, the underlying workflow management process ensures you have timely communication and completion of task assignments according to the project plan.

Collaborative Innovation and Workflow

Collaborative innovation and workflow spans the entire lifecycle to connect all project participants and functional areas.

In order to ensure timely delivery of new products from innovation projects, collaborative innovation and innovation workflow enables:

  • Cross-functional innovation teams to easily collaborate on the creation and completion of project deliverables.
  • Streamlined contribution for complex innovation documents and approval processes.
  • Traceability, transparency, and accountability for innovation processes, documents and tasks.
  • Increased input, participation and buy-in from cross-functional business leaders, while reducing the disruption to those that provide input to plans.
  • Reduction of the administrative burden and communication barriers for innovation teams across locations, organizations and time zones.

Collaborative workflow is also the ideal approach for you to manage regulatory requirements and ensure compliance across financial, industry, technical, environmental, government and other sources.

Learn more about how collaborative innovation and innovation can improve your innovation performance and business success:

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