Are you getting just a slice, when you need the whole cake?

Accolade is the perfect software ingredient for supporting the entire innovation management and new product development (NPD) lifecycle. We sweeten the process by ensuring that strategic plans are fully realized through WHOLE-istic execution and portfolio optimization, not in disconnected pieces.

Enterprise Innovation is Value Creation

It includes and extends beyond product innovation. Use the clickable wheel to explore the aspects of innovation management.

Get the Right Mix

Your organization needs the right capabilities to support the full enterprise innovation lifecycle — from innovation planning, through front end development, process management and portfolio optimization — so you can invest in and successfully execute on the right initiatives. This will help you hit strategic targets and fulfill growth goals for long-term market leadership, profitability and agility.

Accolade in 90 Seconds

We partner with customers to digitalize enterprise innovation management through software, services and best practices.

Sopheon Recognized as Top Solution Provider by Consumer Goods Innovators for 9th Consecutive Year

CGT Magazine’s Readers Choose Sopheon as a Top 10 Tech Provider for a Hyper-Competitive Marketplace

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Consumer Goods Enterprises Are Transforming the Way They Plan and Operate To Move Faster and Deliver Impactful Innovations in Record Time

Leaders in Consumer Goods are improving innovation and NPD outcomes to positively impact top-line growth and bottom-line profit by adopting digitally-driven techniques and platforms.

Explore how to solve common hurdles and manage chaos with Accolade >

What are customers saying?

Customers are excited about being able to globally connect everyone across the enterprise to innovate and measure success with speed and agility.

“Sopheon was a really strong partner and was instrumental in being able to implement our solution.”

Jenny Tang-Bulk, Portfolio Management Process Manager, Land O'Lakes, Inc.

“Accolade has streamlined our entire development process, enabling our global teams to work smarter, faster, and more cohesively.”

Marty Cohick,Project Manager Leader, Greene, Tweed

“Sopheon’s software will help enable the continued balancing of global governance and standards with localized flexibility as we pursue our global growth plans.”

Andrea Simone, Chief Business Transformation and Information Officer, The Nature’s Bounty Co.

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