As one of our guiding principles to contribute positively to our community and environment, we dedicated a service day to assist the Foothills Animal Shelter. Sopheon employee volunteers walked the dogs, cleaned the facility, and made delicious pumpkin dog treats.

Foothills Animal Shelter and Sopheon

Pictured are Colby Severson, Jeff Montgomery, Cheryl Vermeulen, Mike Pulito, Jason Herron, Jerry Vermeulen, Heather Nix, Charles Chen, Josh Meiburg, Betsy Butler, Matt Glenn, Cody Gilmore, Maria Williams, Philip Sieper, Chad Lawson, Juli Kerr, and Loan Phan.

Foothills Animal Shelter provides services for every animal that enters their doors. They care for more than 9,300 orphaned animals around the Arvada, Golden, Lakewood and Westminster communities. They help lost pets find their owners, they help owners find new pets, and provide animal services to the community. Foothills Animal Shelter has a 90% adoption rate! Nine out of ten animals are adopted from the facility. What an amazing statistic!

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