Collaborative Innovation and Workflow for Innovation Success

Executing on strategy and developing winning new products in fast changing, disrupted markets require alignment and collaboration between many people in different business groups across the organization – marketing, operations, research and development, finance, legal, etc.

Increasingly external collaboration channels also play a role in the innovation process – customers, suppliers, market research sources, and other participants in a global supply ecosystem.

Collaborative Innovation and Workflow

Balancing efficient workflows and consistent governance with flexibility, agility, and rapid communication across and between cross-functional teams enables outcomes like:
    • Information transparency and connected decision making.
    • Improved workstream collaboration, whether formal or ad hoc, on the creation and completion of project deliverables.
    • Reduced administration burden in gathering critical information through streamlined workflows.
    • Increased flexibility for local needs and processes.
    • Traceability and accountability for innovation processes, documents and tasks.
    • Fewer barriers to communication across locations, organizational boundaries and time zones.
    • Simpler maintenance of compliance with regulatory requirements of financial, industry, technical, environmental, government and other sources.

    Learn more about how collaborative innovation can improve your innovation performance and business success:

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