Drive Sustainable Growth Through Process Standardization, Enhanced Visibility and Cross-Functional Collaboration

Chemical industry innovation is a cornerstone for growth and success, yet even leading companies globally struggle with establishing the right processes to support innovation performance. Today’s highly competitive environment—combined with dynamic markets, volatile material costs and ever-changing regulatory requirements —pose challenges that inhibit the success of chemical innovation. Through working with companies across the spectrum of the chemical industry, we see a common set of challenges:

  • “We need to reduce complexity and support a standard, gated process across the global organization.”
  • “We have to get products to market faster to retain competitive advantage and drive profitability.”
  • “We struggle with effective cross-functional collaboration when it comes to innovation.“
  • “We often find resources spread thin across a high number of initiatives and struggle with bringing focus to the optimal portfolio mix.”
  • “We have no visibility into research and development activities across global business units.”


Sopheon’s Accolade solution and best practices support establishing and executing upon the ideal innovation management architecture for chemical organizations - driving standardization, alignment, transparency and visibility that lead to sustainable growth, profitability and competitive differentiation.

Sopheon’s solutions and best practices are helping chemical companies across the globe reach a higher level of innovation performance – resulting in reduced process complexity, improved time-to-market and visibility to support decision-making. By working with innovation professionals who understand your business, you combine the power of Sopheon’s Accolade solution with built-in industry-driven leading practices to help your organization achieve sustainable growth and profitability through innovation. We provide your business with a configurable, easy-to-use solution that allows you to start where it matters most to your business right now, and evolve as innovation processes mature.

Learn why leading chemical companies such as Bayer, Sabic, BASF, Afton Chemical, Cytec and Glatfelter rely on Sopheon to help them:

  • Increase revenue through new products by prioritizing the portfolio to get the best products to market.
  • Drive consistency across global business units by supporting a standard innovation process globally while reducing complexity.
  • Gain visibility into product portfolios across the organization to support decision-making .
  • Improve the rate of innovation while incorporating resource planning to avoid driving up resource costs.
  • Create a clear process that supports and aligns the entire innovation lifecycle – from strategic planning through ideation to market launch.
  • Enable cross-functional collaboration to improve efficiency.
  • Align strategic objectives with costs, margins and targets to ensure achievable plans and create focus.

What Customers Say

“We experienced a good cultural fit with the Sopheon team and were impressed with their knowledge of the chemical industry and their solid customer base representing companies of different sizes, including the mid-market.”
David Deters, CTO Orion Engineered Carbons

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