Capturing Ideas with Accolade

Approximately one-third of revenues at manufacturing companies come from new products that did not even exist five years ago.1 Companies of all sizes are striving for more effective product innovation management and new product development (NPD) as a way to increase revenues and profits, placing a premium on viable new product ideas as the source of their future growth. Capturing ideas for innovation and potential new product development is a key strategy companies use for a systematic idea submission process.

Accolade idea submission functionality is designed for organizations that don’t require the solution's full collaboration and Open Innovation product idea development capabilities for capturing ideas. It functionality systematically captures new product ideas in a central repository enabling you to evaluate them via gated processes that support rigorous, objective assessment and scoring, and enable identification of those concepts with the greatest commercial potential.

You can move selected qualified ideas directly into the new product development activity funnel through seamless integration with process and project management capabilities. Ideas for future product development can be considered in long-term development plans utilizing market, product and technology roadmapping and planning capabilities.

With Accolade's product idea development and idea submission software, you can:

  • Structure, automate and centralize the capture of ideas.
  • Score and rank ideas using consistent, gated processes.
  • Link idea submission activity to product planning.
  • Find and manage winning product ideas.
  • Establish a seamless integrated process between idea submission and new product process and project management.
Scorecards help collect insight on the value of an idea

And it’s not just for product ideas – Accolade can be used for a variety of needs to collect, screen and select ideas. For example:

  • Services and service delivery
  • Process improvements
  • IT projects
  • Capital development initiatives
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Technology acquisition
  • Cost savings initiatives
  • And many more…
Scorecards help collect insight on the value of an idea

What Customers Say

“We chose Sopheon's solution because it will help us move product ideas from the drafting table to the marketplace. Accolade is the most complete tool we've found for supporting the business of innovation.”
Johan Hjertonsson, Director of Consumer Innovation, Electrolux

Learn more about how you can use Accolade to produce winning new product ideas:


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