Product innovation begins with a strategy and ends with the successful launch of a new product or service. A dynamic gated process practice organizes the process into a series of activities (stages) and decision points (gates).

In this one-hour webinar, Sopheon CTO Paul Heller explores the practices followed by innovation leaders spanning multiple industries to achieve cross-functional rigor, together with agility, to speed commercially successful product innovations and technology developments to market.

Session highlights include:

  • How, if executed correctly, gated decision-making can reduce risk and create funnels not tunnels, challenge status quo processes that need to evolve to be more adaptable, and infuse “Lean” processes into innovation planning.

  • The importance of optimizing scorecards cross-functionally and how to evaluate them, plus why skipping post-launch reviews is detrimental to capturing learnings for the future.

  • How to recognize and avoid a financially biased motivation to get a product launched.

  • How the Accolade® enterprise innovation management solution’s easy-to-use tools with embedded proven best practices enable you to focus on key projects that have the greatest strategic fit and value.

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About the Presenter

Paul HellerChief Technology Officer at Sopheon
Paul has over 30 years of experience in software development and software technologies. Paul is currently responsible for corporate technology strategy, product strategy and technology architecture. He also created the Sopheon client services and product support organizations.
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