Bringing Focus to Ideation

/Bringing Focus to Ideation

Bringing Focus to Ideation

Presented by: Julie Spalvins, Senior Business Consultant at Sopheon and Alan Keuneke, Business Consultant at Sopheon

Most companies today have a process for generating new product ideas. However, studies show that many struggle to come up with enough high-value ideas, and a large majority wage an ongoing battle to keep ideation and product development aligned with corporate strategies.

This webinar looks at proven best practices that will enable your organization to create and sustain a rich flow of strategically right, profit-and revenue-producing ideas.

You will learn:

  • Which ideation techniques work, and which don’t
  • Why it’s important to focus the front-end activities of your innovation process, and how to do it
  • The five principles for developing great ideas
  • Specific steps for turning those principles into action

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About the Presenters

Julie Spalvins
Julie SpalvinsSenior Business Consultant at Sopheon
As Senior Business Consultant at Sopheon, Julie has over 20 years of consulting experience. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies delivering solutions in areas ranging from strategic planning to knowledge and process management. Julie also leads support and training groups in best-practice based business process improvement.
Alan Keuneke
Alan KeunekeBusiness Consultant at Sopheon
For over 15 years, Alan has been successfully providing product development and management solutions to both Fortune 500 and small companies. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and many years optimizing Process and Product designs, Alan leverages experience across a diverse mix of industries. He works with executives, managers and contributors to insure the needs of every group are met while maintaining maximum value from the improvements in business processes.
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