A look back at 2021: Our most popular content of the year


2021 was a year of change. Business leaders are working harder than ever before to ensure their companies achieve growth and emerge from unprecedented changes stronger, with more winning and first-to-market products in the pipeline.

Many of the world’s innovation leaders turned to Sopheon in 2021 for tips, best practices, and creative ideas for transforming their innovation and NPD practices. Here are the highlights: our most popular content of 2021, all wrapped up.

New product development

Four Smart Product Challenges That Lead to Recalls (and How to Fix Them)

Process innovation is a critical success factor for successful smart product development. This article focuses on the processes and decision-making practices necessary for avoiding product failure, brand reputation damage, and other negative impacts of unsuccessful smart product development.

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The Process of Product Management

We’ve talked about good NPD practices throughout 2021, but what processes need to be in place to ensure it? This episode of Innovation+Talks covers New Product Development best practices and discusses how to implement a systematic approach to process improvement

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Innovation governance

Why Good Governance Matters

Having the right innovation governance is key to driving innovation efficiently and effectively. But how can companies create a governance framework that is lean, flexible, and adaptive, where each team member knows their position and responsibilities and can act accordingly? Huub Rutten explains.

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Governance in Innovation with Andy Michuda

This Innovation+Talks episode features our Executive Chairman, Andy Michuda. He discusses how repeatable innovation success is difficult without good governance and why disruption is a top agenda item in the boardroom, as traditional market-leading companies grapple with the challenges of moving faster and with agility and speed.

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The Future of Manufacturing CPG Companies

McKinsey’s report on the future of CPG companies revealed several challenges to effective NPD, including disconnected systems/processes, not enough real-time, useful data, and a lack of transparency to resource waterlines and availability. However, there are solutions to each of these challenges.

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Innovation process

CPG Innovation: The Price of Failure and the Promise of Success

This infographic gives innovation leaders an overview of what success looks like for New Product Development in the CPG industry. Showing how they can mitigate risk, and how to inspire a culture of creating winning products.

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Mondelēz International Deploys an “MVP” Approach to Portfolio and Process Management

In a year of unprecedented global disruption, Mondelēz International doubled-down on its long-term strategy to accelerate consumer-centric growth. How? By implementing a “minimum viable product” approach, giving them 100% global portfolio transparency.

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Is Agile Killing Stage-Gate®? with Paul Heller

In this webinar, Paul dives into both methodologies and looks at the strengths and weaknesses of each. He looks at where and how they can be used together to achieve a better end result than either alone.

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Enterprise performance

How Chemical Companies Can Achieve A New Level of Enterprise Performance

How can chemical innovation leaders in a critically important industry accurately track trends, evaluate competitive threats, and be prepared to apply structural adjustments to enterprise strategies at any time? Find out how in this eGuide.

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Top-Down Resource Planning: A Scalable Method to Prioritize and Fund Initiatives Across the Enterprise

CPG companies are re-evaluating their strategic innovation priorities. Innovation leaders find out how to refresh their strategy for better NPD results in this e-book.

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Looking at 2022

Innovations Themes from 2021

Looking at what we learned from 2021 and the themes that emerged from the year. In this Innovation+Talks episode, Paul Heller highlights a few things that leaders should expect in innovation in 2022 and the challenges that lie ahead.

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Successful New Product Development Will Require Innovative Approaches in 2022

In the 2022, organizations will have to navigate three distinct challenges to increase the likelihood of new product development success: supply chain delays, a tight labor market and collaboration obstructions. Paul Heller explains in this article.

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“We appreciate, and thank you, for being a part of #TeamSopheon in 2021. Here’s to innovating in 2022.”
A note from our CEO, Greg Coticchia

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