Presented by: Huub Rutten, VP Research and Steven Kleynenberg Senior Software Engineer for Sopheon

Join Huub Rutten, VP Research and Steven Kleynenberg Senior Software Engineer for Sopheon as they delve deeper into the topic of Big Data and Innovation Management. In a previous webinar on September 11th 2014 we discussed Big Data at a high level. Now we are giving you the opportunity to learn specific methods around:

  • How to find white spaces
  • Generating trends
  • Predicting topics
  • Using Big Data to improve your innovation ROI in 2015

Our goal is for participants to learn some basic methodologies around using Big Data for better and more mature Innovation Management Techniques. Our presenters illustrate these methods with concrete examples, supported by some nice text and data mining software from the Sopheon Research lab.

Click image above to view a short introduction. Complete form below to view the full video.

About the Presenters


Huub RuttenVP of Product Research and Design and co-founder of Sopheon
Huub Rutten has more than 20 years experience in linguistics and language management. Rutten combines his linguistics and information technology (IT) expertise to innovate the use of language management technology within knowledge-intensive business processes.

Steven KleynenbergSenior Software Engineer for Sopheon
Steve's background is in Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Model Based Reasoning, Computer Vision and Massively Parallel Computing. Steve is currently very much involved in designing and building web-based systems implementing varieties of novel techniques such as WebGL (Web Graphics Library) , WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) with a keen eye on mobile ( iOS, Android ) and non-mobile environments. Steve lives in Delft in The Netherlands.

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