Beyond Stage-Gate: Bold Innovation in Record Time

/Beyond Stage-Gate: Bold Innovation in Record Time

Beyond Stage-Gate: Bold Innovation in Record Time

Introduced in the mid-1980s, Stage-Gate® is a gated process that has become the backbone of innovation for many companies. Dr. Robert “Bob” G. Cooper has continued to introduce new generations of Stage-Gate over the years to reflect updated best practices, describing these new generations in each new version of his “Winning at New Products” bestselling books.

However, many organizations have failed to keep up. Anyone still using an outdated Stage-Gate system is stuck in the past, and is missing significant enhancements in relation to:

  • the success rate of innovation projects
  • the time-to-market of new products
  • the motivation within project teams

Beyond Stage-Gate®: Bold Innovation in Record Time, written by Mag. Peter Fürst and Dr. Angelika Dreher from five is innovation management, dives deep into what’s new in Cooper’s latest edition of Stage-Gate and what the implications are for your enterprise.

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