Increase Speed and Agility and Win with Automotive Innovation

Disruption in the automotive industry will force a major transformation in coming years. How conventional players – manufacturers and suppliers – respond to this change will mean the difference between survival and extinction.

To remain competitive, organizations must bring transparency to strategic and operational innovation processes, increase cross-functional collaboration, and ensure innovation and R&D initiatives successfully drive achievements towards growth goals.


Disruption Abounds

Globalization, consolidation of industry players, increasing government regulations, consumer demand for electric and autonomous vehicles sporting radically new technological features − not to mention fierce, new breed competitors offering new-to-the-world innovations − are dramatically disrupting this long-established market.

With all of this change, companies can't afford to pump the brakes.

  • 98% of vehicles in 2020 will have connectivity-enabled technology1

  • Advanced driver-assistance systems technology could reach $35 billion in revenue by 20212

  • Cost per mile may be 40% cheaper when sharing an autonomous ride vs. driving one's own automobile1

  • Fully-autonomous cars are expected before 20302

Propel Transformation. Thrive in Change.

It's time to transform automotive innovation processes and practices to break down geographical and organizational barriers and bring information, people, resources and systems together. An end-to-end, decision-support software platform simplifies and automates processes while boosting productivity, giving clear visibility into what matters so informed decisions can be made quickly based on trusted, cross-functional data.

Automotive Innovation with Accolade

Fire on All Cylinders

Align your organization and move forward with speed and agility in ways you’ve never been able to before.

Accolade provides a single source of truth in an otherwise fragmented business environment. It brings product and project management information together across organizational barriers and systems and aligns it with strategy, roadmapping and planning capabilities. The resulting project and portfolio transparency streamlines development efforts and investment decisions.

With cross-functional data now easily visible, decision makers can make informed, data-driven decisions based on trusted, real-time information.

“We achieved our goals: the three BUs work now in a single consolidated, harmonized system. That is really added value for our company, allowing us to speed up time to market, especially for cross-regional and cross-BU projects.”

Dr. Joachim Dohm, former Global Vice President & Head of Innovation Process & Portfolio Management, Covestro

Dynamic communication and dataflow through divisions, into business units and across operations teams is something Entegris views as vital to innovation. Increasing the visibility of plans and decisions is just one of the ways that Accolade is supporting our organization’s aspirations.

Dr. Steven Moskowitz, Senior Principal of Strategic Technology, Innovation Management at Entegris, Inc.

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