Business growth strategies are highly dependent on contributions from innovation initiatives and the pressure to deliver on the promise of innovation is enormous. Despite this pressure, and in many ways, because of it, many innovation programs and businesses are under-performing.

Delivering a steady stream of successful new products and services is no easy task. Do you know that only 56% of new products launched achieve their profit objectives! To improve the odds of success requires a world-class idea-to-launch system that builds in best practices. Yet most firms’ new product processes are broken, and worse yet, they often fail to build in the practices that make the difference between winning and losing. Implementing an effective idea-to-launch system almost doubles the proportion of new products that meet their profit objectives!

Sopheon's partner Prodex Systems Australasia in conjunction with Dr. Robert "Bob" Cooper — the founder of the Stage-Gate® process — invite your executives and innovation teams to engage in these unique training and development events:

Innovation & Technology Strategy Portfolio Management

August 12- 13, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia

August 23 – 24, 2019 in Singapore

Deciding your Development Portfolio: Making Strategic Choices and Picking the Winners
15 – 16 August 2019 Sydney, Australia

19 – 20 August 2019 Bangkok, Thailand

Visit Prodex's site for more information


Are you in Europe?

Sopheon is sponsoring and running events with Dr. Bob Cooper in October.

Success Drivers and Fifth Generation Stage-Gate®

17 October, 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Winning at New Products - The Seminar

15 October, 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany

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