Presented by: Adrian Joseph, Director of Market Development at Parker Hannifin

Many companies face a widening gap between their product development activities and their strategic goals. As a result, their day-to-day development plans are not getting them to where they want to be.

Watch this webinar to hear how Parker Hannifin, a multi-billion dollar, global manufacturer of motion and control systems, has succeeded in dramatically increasing the return on its investments in product innovation. It’s an instructive story of what can be accomplished by tightening the linkage between strategic vision, innovation strategy and operational activity, and encouraging a culture of open innovation. Among the benefits to Parker: over the last four years, the value of the company’s product portfolio has increased by 500%.

By viewing this session you will learn:

  • How to integrate market, technology and product roadmaps with your innovation and NPD processes
  • Ways to anticipate market trends, supplier capabilities and new technologies so that you can move quickly and strategically in advance of the competition Why improving cross-functional communication and collaboration between and within operating units is so important to both the top and bottom line
  • How better visualization of the “true” product pipeline can help you do a more effective job of determining long- and short-term innovation priorities.

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About the Presenter

Adrian Joseph

Adrian JosephDirector of Market Development at Parker Hannifin
Adrian is responsible for implementing and refining the company’s Winmap global strategic marketing process. Winmap, along with Winovation and Winvalue, is an integral part of Parker’s business development and innovation process. Mr. Joseph also serves as a strategic business consultant for Parker divisions and sales companies around the world. He has consulted in twenty-one countries, helping to develop business strategies.
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