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Improve Aerospace and Defense Innovation

Optimize Investment Value in Partnership with Industry + Align with National Defense Capability

Innovation by aerospace and defense (A&D) organizations is recognized by government and industry as a key driver for long-term revenue growth and significant competitive differentiation. With budget and funding constraints a constant, resources are squeezed to accomplish more with fewer resources all while managing risk in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital disruption.

Success depends on building an effective A&D innovation ecosystem that includes collaboration between government and industry and within tiers of industry across the full range of innovation activities – from ideation to design and manufacturing, to operations.

The highly competitive and disruptive global market with increasingly complex digital resource and technology dependencies places additional pressure on innovation for A&D organizations. Coupled with tighter regulation, A&D organizations commonly share these pain points and needs:

  • “We struggle to manage a large quantity of projects with too few resources.”
  • “We need a competency to help us explore capabilities, technologies and their future maturation plans to understand national defense strengths and weaknesses and potential differentiators in the export market.”
  • “Reduced spending and slashed government budgets in light of sequestration creates additional pressure to identify low-risk products and technologies with the highest commercialization potential.”
  • “We must eliminate silos and support collaboration to efficiently identify the technological advances that can be leveraged across the organization."
  • “We struggle to identify opportunities and oversee development to maximize the impact of export success.”

Sopheon’s Accolade is increasingly viewed as a ‘mission critical’ platform for A&D organizations. The enterprise innovation management software is key to the digital transformation of national defense initiative management and development to optimize the value of investments for defense agencies in close partnership with industry.

Sopheon’s solutions and industry best practices create a clear view of A&D innovation capabilities across organizations, accounting for dependencies throughout the supply chain. Accolade helps to easily identify the optimal portfolio of products and technologies to invest in.

By bringing together data from across the organization and disparate external sources, A&D executives and program managers gain visibility into crucial information for better, faster decisions. Gain vital insights by connecting strategic initiatives with operational activities to unleash power and speed decision making.

Accolade helps you:

  • Identify low-risk products and technologies with the highest commercialization potential.
  • Optimize the portfolio by determining the best combination of products and projects to meet goals.
  • Give both government and industry a clear view of defense innovation capabilities and generate a portfolio of capability development plans for key areas of national strengths and export interests.
  • Ensure that short- and long-term product development activities are aligned with strategic priorities and financial targets.
  • Anticipate and plan for market and technology developments that will impact current and next generation products.
  • Support standardized innovation and program processes, including gated processes, which maximize the efficiency of innovation activities and shorten the program development cycle.
  • Provide greater visibility into R&D programs to better understand how technologies, products and capabilities are linked.
  • Break down silos and enable cross-functional innovation teams to more easily collaborate on the creation of project deliverables.
  • Establish processes and networks that coordinate and align both internal and external resources to accelerate the pace of innovation and speed new product introductions.

What Customers Say

“[With Accolade] we can understand the key drivers for new product platforms, technologies and capabilities, and get real-time roadmaps into the hands of cross-functional stakeholders who need critical, accurate planning information.”
Chief Technology Officer, one of Top 10 largest aerospace & defense companies in the world

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