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Improve Aerospace and Defense Innovation by Aligning Strategic Innovation, Technology and Product Roadmaps

When innovation is done well within aerospace and defense (A&D) companies, executives recognize it is a key driver for long-term revenue growth and significant competitive differentiation. Over time, especially in light of budget and funding constraints, the A&D industry is being squeezed to accomplish more with fewer resources and less risk.

Success depends on building an effective aerospace and defense innovation ecosystem that includes collaboration and is entwined within all parts of the enterprise – from design to manufacturing to operations. Additionally, a highly competitive global market, increasingly complex resource and technology dependencies combined with tighter regulations put additional pressure on innovation for A&D organizations. Aerospace & defense companies commonly struggle with:

  • “We need to identify and develop innovations that establish competitive differentiation.”
  • “We struggle to manage a large quantity of projects with too few resources.”
  • “Reduced spending, and slashed government budgets in light of sequestration, creates additional pressure to identify low-risk products and technologies with the highest commercialization potential.”
  • “We must eliminate silos and support collaboration to efficiently identify the technological advances that can be leveraged across the organization."
  • “We struggle to create strategic plans and roadmaps that take into consideration and adjust to changing technology needs, where gaps are modeled and visible.”
Sopheon’s Accolade solution for aerospace & defense companies helps automate and align strategic program planning and technology roadmappingexecution of innovation processes.

Sopheon’s solutions and best practices create a clear view of a&d innovation capabilities across the organization, accounting for dependencies throughout the supply chain, and helps easily identify the optimal portfolio of products and technologies to invest in given constrained resources.

By bringing together data from across the organization and disparate sources, A&D executives and program managers gain visibility into crucial information to aid faster, more-informed decision making and insight into how strategy is being executed and how changes impact strategy.

Solutions Business Needs for Aerospace and Defense Innovation

Learn why some of the most innovative companies in the aerospace & defense industry such as Honeywell, DENSO, and Northrop Grumman rely on Sopheon’s software to:

  • Prioritize the right investments and determine the right technologies and projects early to allocate limited resources and top-down strategic support to initiatives that have the most potential for commercialization.
  • Establish and support standardized innovation and program processes, including gated processes, which maximize the efficiency of innovation activities and help manage programs more effectively to get the most from constrained budgets, shorten the program development cycle and create transparency across deliverables.
  • Roadmap technology R&D and model how it fits into strategic plans – create greater visibility into R&D programs to better understand how technologies, products and capabilities are linked.
  • Support a centralized, top-down product, technology or project strategy that ensures innovation initiatives are aligned with a long-term vision or roadmap.
  • Create visibility to support a holistic approach to innovation, recognizing that innovation extends from marketing and research all the way to manufacturing and operations, and streamline collaboration throughout the innovation lifecycle.
  • Establish technology-supported processes and networks that coordinate and align both internal and external resources to accelerate the pace of innovation and speed new product introductions.

What Customers Say

“We can understand the key drivers for new product platforms, technologies and capabilities, and get real-time roadmaps into the hands of cross-functional stakeholders who need critical, accurate planning information.”
James Wasson, Chief Technology Officer, BAE Systems

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