Achieving World-Class Innovation Governance – The Journey

/Achieving World-Class Innovation Governance – The Journey

Achieving World-Class Innovation Governance – The Journey

Presented by: Math Jennekens, R&D Director of Sappi Fine Paper Europe and Frank van Ruyssevelt, Senior Business Consultant Sopheon

As many companies have found, the road to successful product innovation is not always smooth. Often, the way forward is filled with obstacles such as uninformed decision-making, lack of executive support and inefficient processes. When these impediments arise, results suffer.

Join us for this instructive session on innovation governance, a unique approach to managing innovation processes and the people who drive them. Through a combination of best practices and real-life examples, you will hear how your organization can use this approach to positively impact nearly every phase of the product life cycle.

By attending this live webinar you will learn to:

  • Identify process areas that can improve the business impact of product innovation
  • Integrate innovation best practices into your current processes
  • Manage an innovation improvement program
  • Align your organization’s innovation objectives with business strategies

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About the Presenters

Math Jennekens
Math JennekensR&D Director of Sappi Fine Paper Europe
Math has worked in the chemicals and paper & forest products industries for more than 30 years. For the past 13 years, he has played a central role in driving innovation at Sappi, targeting such process areas as portfolio management, idea development and management of innovation improvement programs.
Frank van Ruyssevelt
Frank van RuysseveltBusiness Consultant at Sopheon
Frank is a senior business consultant within Sopheon’s client services group. He is an expert in the design and implementation of product innovation processes, including ideation, phase- and gate-based product development and portfolio management. Frank has worked extensively in the roles of advisor, analyst and trainer in support of Sopheon software implementation, primarily in the chemicals, food and beverage and consumer packaged goods industries.
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